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Right now, I'm working on my research paper for English. Ugh.

It's really hard to find magazines or newspaper articles about Veterinarians! EVEN ONLINE! T_T

My Brain Hurts.

I might be quitting my job if I have this job at a local coffee place. It's a 20 cent pay decrease, same distance, and hopefully more hours. Plus, Free Coffee! That's always a plus. Haha.

Oh. And no Manager CONSTANTLY down your back like at Ingles. Damn grocery stores. One of the worst jobs ever! I like things being left up to me and being able to do it all by myself. Not to mention I'm not CONSTANTLY moving and all that jazz. Grocery Stores are hard work. They hired me to be a bagger, but I bag, stock, run a register, help out in the bakery, and the Deli, take Employees home and Dont get paid for it, AND half the time, I don't even bag any Groceries! Not to Mention, I mainly do Janitorial stuff like Trash and Bathrooms. *Shudder*

Oh. and I fill Milk and Block junk. AND get buggies. There's more stuff, but I don't really feel like naming all of it.

Anywho, hopefully I have this new job! :D
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