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Reason For the Last Post


I'm not exactly sure if I've ever been in LOVE, Per Se, but I've had a few crushes. The longest relationship I've had was a few days over a year, but I'm not sure if I ever really LOVED her. I dunno, I'm just looking for the right person. It seems like all the right people are the ones that are taken, or you can't have. I want someone that can take me for who I am. I don't really want anyone super skinny, because skinny people make me sad. Haha. Just kidding, but all the skinny girls around here are SUPER skinny and gross. Haha.

I would love to have a girlfriend that's a furry, but that likely won't happen. =P

I just get really shy and it seems like it's harder to talk to them after we "Officially Start Going Out". And then, the "Love" just dies, and then when you break up, they hate you for some reason. And then come back and are like "I wish we would talk more like we used to." And it's that really awkwardness because of what they had told their friends about you while they were angry.

I would also love someone who would like my crazy and random friends too. =P

So..Yeah. Don't know where any of this came from, just felt like writing it. =P

Oh. And my job still sucks. =[
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